Bruin Instruments Corp., founded in 1990, has been recognized as the leading manufacturer of pneumatic and electric metering pumps and chemical injection systems across the oil and gas fields throughout North America.

Bruin Pumps’, a unit of Bruin Instruments Corp., global market share is increasing through strong networks of authorized distributors and international agencies. Bruin Pumps’ reputation is built on quality, reliability, and service.

Bruin Instruments manufactures Bruin Pumps’ chemical injection pumping equipment from a modern, environmentally friendly manufacturing facility located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and supplies products to the global market.

Custom designed projects help Bruin Pumps meet all international standards and safety regulations for remote hazardous locations. Bruin Pumps’ commitment to providing the highest quality product is reflected in the companies qualified technicians and engineering team. Bruin Pumps are recognized as quality equivalent replacements for Texsteam, Arrow and Flomore chemical injection pumps.

In addition to manufacturing, Bruin Instruments offers a complete service and repair facility including an exchange program for chemical injection pumps, glycol circulation pumps, gas regulators, motor valves, double diaphragm pumps, drum pumps, etc. Our product line includes quality replacement parts for Texsteam, Arrow, and Flomore chemical injection pumps.

From marketing and engineering, all the way through to manufacturing and service, Bruin Pumps knows and delivers quality.

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