Environmental Containment Package

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The Bruin ECP is a self-contained package that houses the chemical injection pump, chemical tank and all tubing, gauges, and accessories. Full system is enclosed, eliminating collection of rain, snow, dirt or trash into the secondary containment, maintaining its full capacity while eliminating costly clean outs resulting from natural collection of these materials. Entire system is fully supported with metal frame and fully assembled allowing easy setup and relocation if required. The Bruin ECP can easily be moved without disassembling the components and fits into the bed of a standard truck box.

A wide variety of chemical pump choices and options allows the customer to maximize their operation potential. Solar powered pumps, pneumatic powered pumps and AC electric pumps can be fitted to the skids. Bruin Instruments ECPs are designed with the client in mind; each package is designed to meet the clients’ needs for their application.


  • Sturdy access door allows for viewing and maintenance.
  • Top portion of enclosure easily opens, allowing full access to contents if required for larger maintenance or replacement procedures.
  • Fully enclosed system prevents wildlife and livestock from drinking containment fluids.
  • Avoid costly spills and reduce ground contamination.
  • Side panel entry access for power, instrument/gas line, discharge line hookup.
  • Forklift access ports – Allow for ease of transportation, loading and unloading. Can be used for sling location lifting points.
  • Tank filling is accessible through a threaded top hatch or an optional top fill system that allows filling of the tank through the front access door. Systems incorporates a pipe extended to the bottom of the tank to reduce agitation and foaming during filling with a suction break hole to eliminate any siphoning effect. Cam lock or any type of connector can be accommodated.
  • Fits into a standard truck bed allowing for easy transport.
  • Rubber cover straps hold top cover in position.
  • Triple hinge opener complete with grounding cables.
  • Optional removable safety stairs for easy top hatch access.
  • Available in a variety of colors.
SPECIFICATIONS Environmental Containment Package 
Pump Types Electric Pump Packages
Pneumatic Pump Packages
BR5000BR5100G Series Double Diaphragm
Solar Packages
Tank Volume (Gallons) 50, 100, 150, 200, 250
Length 102″ (2.60 m)
Width 50″ (1.27 m)
Height 76″ (1.93 m)
Weight Approx. 1000 lbs (454 kg)


  • Tanks
  • Camlock Fill Ports
  • Flexible Suction / Discharge Lines
  • Pressure Safety Release Valves


Oil and Gas Production Chemicals (Methanol, Corrosion Inhibitors,
Scale Inhibitors, Demulsifiers, Surfactants), Lube Oil or Glycol Transfer

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