Pump Accessories

Proportional Relief Valves

• Bruin Instruments carries a variety of relief valve ranges that accompany our pumps.
• For more information about Swagelok and their products please visit their website at www.swagelok.com.

Air Preparation

• Bruin Instruments carries air filters, regulators and lubricators that can accompany our pumps.


• Bruin Instruments offers tanks made from steel, polyethylene and stainless steel with single or double wall configurations.
• A variety of tank sizes available from 5 Gallons to 1000 Gallons.
• For more information about the tanks we offer please contact us.


• Bruin Instruments offers 2’ and 4’ vented aluminium sight level gauges with buna seals.
• For more information about the gauges we offer please contact us.