Glycol Pumps, Chemical Pumps, Double Diaphragm Pumps

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As well as manufacturing chemical injection equipment; Bruin Instruments also provides repair work and servicing of our products, as well as a wide variety of other products. With many years of experience; our in house facility allows our technicians the ability to service and test a broad range of pumps and process valves.

Bruin Instruments takes great pride in ensuring that all repairs meet factory specifications and that we only use the highest quality replacement parts for our repairs.

Examples of equipment Bruin Instruments can repair or service: 

  • ARO Pumps
  • Arrow Pumps
  • Bruin Pumps
  • CVS Pumps
  • Flomore Pumps
  • Graco Pumps
  • Kimray Glycol Pumps and Valves
  • Sandpiper Pumps
  • Sidewinder Pumps
  • Texas Carbide Pumps
  • Texsteam Pumps
  • Versa Matic Pumps
  • Williams Pumps
  • Wilden Pumps
  • Yamada Pumps


The Bruin Pump Exchange Program was established to address the maintenance of the existing pumps currently in use at oil & gas facilities and well sites. The program is designed to recondition different types of chemical injection pumps, glycol circulation pumps and double diaphragm pumps to their optimal operational efficiency, thus mitigating process delays and down time.

Bruin has set up over 50 exchange pump inventories at oilfield supply stores strategically located throughout oil and gas centers in Canada. As field operators request maintenance on their non-functional pumps, they can locally exchange for a reconditioned pump, without prolonged downtimes. This initiates an exchange (one for one) at which time pertinent information is captured and reported (site locations, customer information, etc).

The non-functioning pump(s) are then forwarded to Bruin Instruments, by the local supply store and disassembled for repair. Bruin performs the necessary services, and then returns the pump to the local supply store’s exchange inventory, thus ensuring that a replacement pump inventory is always available for immediate exchange, as required by the field operator.

All exchange programs are carefully controlled and monitored by a computerized record which also allows for tracking the type of repairs, cost of repairs, etc.

The size of the exchange inventory can be adjusted to meet changing field and service demands. The whole premise of the exchange program is “one for one”. One pump goes out … one pump comes in. The end user needs a pump and gets a pump with a minimum of downtime.

How it Works

When a used pump comes into Bruin Instruments Edmonton from an exchange store, we record the pump information in an “incoming log” – recording date, serial number, make, model, etc. The pump is dismantled, cleaned in a hot tank solution; bead blasted and sent for inspection and re-assembly. Our assembly technicians inspect and replace the necessary components to standard specifications.

To ensure the pump is restored to “like new” operating standards, standard replacement parts include: soft components (O-rings, diaphragm, packing); and necessary hardware components. Repair costs include the necessary parts plus labour to rebuild the pump.

Should the repair cost exceed 60% of the value of a new pump, we recommend advising the customer before repairs proceed. The integrity of the program is based on our extensive experience in re-conditioning the pumps, and practical valuation of repairs.

Should a new pump be more practical, Bruin can aid the customer in the evaluation of the particular pump model and its application, and recommend a more efficient model.

All pumps, prior to dispatch, are fully functional and pressure tested. All out-going pumps are tagged with information: size, maximum pressure, serial number, etc. The pumps are prepared for return to customer’s exchange pump inventory with associated documents, detailing the work completed, costing and appropriate reference numbers, which aids in the billing process to the customer.

Bruin Instruments is proud to offer this value added service to our clients. We have been providing this service, throughout Canada, for over 20 years.

Decontamination Policy

For the safety of all individuals involved in the transport and handling of repair and exchange equipment, Bruin Instruments asks that customers read and comply with the decontamination statement outlined below.

The following criteria are provided as guidance for the proper decontamination of returned equipment.

  1. The product to be returned should be cleaned of all visible residue and encrusted material.
  2. Where there is the potential for hazardous chemical contamination, it is necessary to initiate an appropriate decontamination process.
  3. For items used in conjunction or in contact with radioactive materials, ensure that no radioactivity may be detected with survey equipment or incidental swipe tests.
  4. Where infectious / Bio-hazardous materials were used or suspected, disinfect all surfaces with material specific disinfectants.
  5. Customers are encouraged to attach any comments, MSDS, or information that may help in the health and safety of all individuals and the environment.